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Mountain West Invitational Track and Field Meet

Saturday May 1, 2010 9:30am

O’Harra Athletic FacilityRapid City, SD

Sessions:                               This will be a one session meet.  Field events and the 3200m run will begin at 9:30, with all other running events starting at 10:30.  O’Harra Athletic Facility is located on the School of Mines campus.


Coaches Meeting:               All coaches should attend the scratch meeting at 9:00am at the finish line at the western end of the stadium. Scratches Only!  Implement weigh-ins will take place starting at 8:45 in the officials locker room.


Fees:                                      ($40.00 Girls’ and $40.00 Boys’)         $80.00 for both boys and girls.


Awards:                                Medals will be given to 1-6 placers in individual events and place 1-4 in relays.


Scoring:                                Team points will be kept for boys and girls divisions.  Six places will be scored (10-8-6-4-2-1). 


Entries:                                 SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOLS: Entries MUST be entered utilizing ONE of the following: 1) the Attached Excel Spreadsheet, 2) use the SDHSAA Website School Zone, 3) OR the T-F Lite Program.

                                           OUT OF STATE SCHOOLS: YOU MUST USE THE ATTACHED SPREAD SHEET. Please send entries to Darren Paulson at noon Thursday, April 29.  Entry limits:

                                                4 events per individual

                                                3 school entrants per event

                                                1 relay per school


Sanction:                              This meet is sanctioned by the SDHSAA, WHSAA, and the NFHS as a state qualifying meet.


Weather/Cancellation:     A call will be made prior to Friday night regarding postponement due to weather.  Please communicate proper contact information with your entry, especially if your coaches will be out of town that Friday (Howard Wood).


Notes:                                    All weather surface track, 3/16” pyramid spikes allowed.  All timing will be handheld.


                                                Weights:  Disc Boys: 3.52, Girls: 2,21;

                                                Shot Boys: 12.0, Girls: 8.81


                                                Starting heights: Pole Vault Boys: 8’6”, Girls: 6’0”

                                                High Jump Boys: 5’2”, Girls 4’2”


                                           Please keep team camps off the infield.  Camps should be located at the EAST end of the complex.  NO CAMPS UNDER THE MAIN GRAND STAND!!!



Mountain West Invitational

Track and Field Meet

Field Events


Girls High Jump followed by Boys High Jump  (west end)                      event # 116 girls #136 boys

Boys Shot Put followed by Girls Shot Put                                                 event # 114 girls #134 boys

Girls Pole Vault followed by Boys Pole Vault                                          event #119 girls #139 boys

Girls Discus followed by Boys Discus ( up behind gymnasium)              event #115 girls #135 boys

Boys Long Jump followed by Girls Long Jump (outside pit)                    event #137 girls #117 boys


Girls Triple Jump AND  Boys Triple Jump (on inside and outside pits)    event # 118 girls #138 boys


Scratch meeting 9:00am

Weigh in at 8:45am Weights Disc Boys 3.52, Girls 2.21  shot Boys 12.0, girls   8.81

Running Events (Rolling schedule)

9:30am              Girls 3200m run                                                   event # 106

                            Boys 3200m run                                                  event #126


10:30am           Girls 100m hurdles                                              event #107

                     Boys 110m hurdles                                             event #127

                            Girls 3200m relay                                                event #112

                            Girls 100m dash                                                   event #101

                            Boys 100m dash                                                 event #121

                            Boys 3200m relay                                               event #132

                            Girls 800m relay                                                  event #110

                            Boys 800m relay                                                 event #130

                            Girls 1600m run                                                   event #105

                            Boys 1600m run                                                  event #125

                            Girls 400m relay                                                  event # 109

                            Boys 400m relay                                                 event #129

                            Girls 400m dash                                                   event #103

                            Boys 400m dash                                                 event #123

                            Girls 300m hurdles                                              event #108

                            Boys 300m hurdles                                             event #128

                            Girls 1600m medley relay                                  event #113

                            Boys 1600m medley relay                                event #133

                            Girls 800m run                                                     event #104

                            Boys 800m run                                                    event #124

                            Girls 200m dash                                                   event #102

                     Boys 200m dash                                                 event #122

                            Girls 1600m relay                                                event #111

                            Boys 1600m relay                                               event #131

**All Events are timed Finals!!!