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Douglas Early Bird Results

From Left: Whirlwind Soldier (ToddC) ,Coy (HiC),Schuster (Stur), Hicks (Spear) and Coates (RCS)

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The Douglas Early Bird Meet was a great preview of the upcoming cross country season.  The races featured AA, A and B schools from the West River region as well as some Eastern Wyoming schools.  Over 200 athletes competed in Varsity and Junior Varsity events. 
The girls race featured some of the top individual runners in the state in each of the three divisions.  Madeline Takahashi from Sturgis won the girls race with her effortless looking stride in a time of 15:50.23.  Annie Pfiefle of Stevens, another one of AA's top runners followed in 16:04.90. 
Lottie Grimshaw of Todd County led the Class A runners with a very legit 3rd place finish (16:13.99).  With CEB's Wollheber attending Hulett, WY this season, Grimshaw, just an 8th grader, is a Class A favorite for the individual title.   
Custer placed two girls in the Top 12 (Konkel and Tennyson) to lead the Class A corps.
Kadoka runners did very well and look to be strong contenders to repeat in the Class B girl's race this season.  Neihoff (6th, 16:36.85) and Carlson (8th,16:48.06) had very, very impressive showings for returning Class B champs. 
In the boy's race, a pack of Andy Coy, Hill City; Riley Coates, RC Stevens; Damien Schuster, Sturgis and Marc Whirlwind Soldier, Todd County broke away from a bunched field about midway through the race.  The foursome ran together until about one half mile left when the final break for the finish separated the pack.  Coy finished in 17:09.37, five seconds ahead of Coates (17:14.88).  Schuster of Sturgis (17:26.90) and Whirlwind Soldier of Todd County (17:46.47) filled the three and four spots with freshman Colton Njos of Belle Fourche was 5th.  All five of these runners will be competing for top honors in AA (Coates and Schuster) and A (Coy, Whirlwind Soldier and Njos) divisions.
Rapid City Stevens ran without two of their top runners and look to be in contention for top spots at the AA boy's meet this Fall. 
Cheyenne Eagle Butte had two runners in the Top 15  (10th: Dysan Lends His Horse and 13th: Cordray White Dog) and will be a contender on the Class A scene when Kiko Mendoza hits the ground running for the Braves. 
Many of the same teams will compete at the Northern Hills Invitational in Spearfish next Thursday.

High School



Douglas Early Bird Cross Country Meet

At Prairie Ridge Golf Course, Box Elder


Boys Varsity (5,000 meters) — 1, Andy

Coy, HC, 17:09.37; 2, Riley Coates, RCS,

17:14.88; 3, Damien Schuster, Stur,

17:26.90; 4, Marc Whirlwind Soldier, TC,

17:46.47; 5, Colten Njos, BF, 17:56.87; 6,

Jared Hicks, Spr, 18:09.68; 7, Casey

Coates, Doug, 18:36.37; 8, Mike Scharn,

RCS, 18:37.90; 9,Austin Hegert, RCS,

18:43.91; 10, Dysan Lends His Horse,

CEB, 18:49.65; 11, Randy Vette, Spr,

18:49.65; 12, Dallas Two Lance, PR,

19:00.65; 13, Cordray White Dog, CEB,

19:05.19; 14, Nick Keller, Doug, 19:06.83;

15, Jake Miller, RCS, 19:08.51; 16, Justin

Wermers, Newc, 19:09.63; 17, Tyler Aldren,

Stur, 19:14.74; 18, Tanner Chlebrad,

RCS, 19:15.36; 19, Tobie Spiter, HS,

19.22.65; 20, Graham Heberlig, Spr,

19:25.36; 35, Nash Koel, HC, 20:24.47; 42, Kyle Alexander, HC, 21:21.35;  52, Thomas Nimick, HC, 23:38.29


JV BOYS (4000 meters)

69, Forrest King, HC, 19:31.79



Girls Varsity (4,000 meters) — 1,

Madeleine Takahashi, Stur, 15:50.23; 2,

Annie Pfeifle, RCS, 16:04.90; 3, Lottie

Grimshaw, TC, 16:13.99; 4, Tera Potts,

Stur, 16:26.15; 5, Karley Konkol, Cus,

16:31.63; 6, Abby Niehoff, KA, 16:36.85;

7, Bailey Eich, Doug, 16:47.68; 8, Tia Carlson,

KA, 16:48.06; 9, Jessica Brandle,

RCS, 16:48.58; 10, Makala Diggs, Doug,

17:01.32; 11, Shaley Herber, KA, 17:19.61;

12, Jessica Tennyson, Cus, 17:19.93; 13,

Mikayla Becker, RCS, 17:24.09; 14, Paige

Kerr, RCS, 17:27.07; 15, Sara Johnston,

RCS, 17:31.23; 16, Beth Coates, RCC,

17:31.48; 17, Alice Hackett, RCS, 17:37.26;

18, Taylor Neisen, RCS, 17:40.28; 19,

Saige Pourier, RC, 17:54.32; 20, Mariah

Gaston, Cus, 18:08.


JV GIRLS (3000m)

16, Cassidy Hart, HC, 14:09.79